Jeseníky Mountains Jeseníky Mountains Jeseníky Mountains
Chata M.R.ŠtefánikaHütte Chata M.R.ŠtefánikaChata M.R.Sztefanika

Chalet of M.R.Štefánik

This house is the third highest located chalet in Slovakia and is set right under the Chopok peak. The whole place is on a south slope near-by the Dumbier peak. There is a magnificent view from there of neighbour mountains and it is a common starting point for tourist trips. The Cave of Death Bats is very close- the famous mysterious place full of thousands of very old bat´s and other species´ sceletons. A very often feature in this high-mountain area is to meet a person who will offer you to bear your luggages wherever you would want.


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